CVIn4 - Computer vision for Industry 4.0 applications


Industry 4.0 (In4.0) reshapes the manufacturing sector and not only. It creates practical paradigms, which are applied in other human ecosystems including smart homes, smart cities, and so on. Key technologies for this transformation are considered to be disruptive innovations, such as the internet of things (IoT), cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), to name a few. On the other hand, computer vision is an interdisciplinary technology that aspires to make machines perceive their environment and the actions occurring within it. During the last few decades, computer vision has employed cutting-edge technologies to achieve that. Therefore, it is inevitable that the lines of Industry 4.0 and computer vision would intercross at several points, both because they put forward the same technologies but also because they share a common major objective, that is to facilitate humans’ lifes. That being said, recent trends in manufacturing systems bring human operator’s confort into the center of any production process. To this end, computer vision can play a catalytic role by assisting to transform manufacturing processes from system-centric to human-centric.

Thus, the idea of the proposed workshop is to bring together experts from related fields to discuss the current state of the art and most promising relevant future research directions. Its general objective is to assist and encourage scientific transactions among individuals conducting research in the broader area of computer and machine vision with applications in Industry 4.0 (papers in broader areas, such as smart-warehouses, -homes, -cities, etc will be also considered). To do so, papers reviewing the application of computer vision in specific manufacturing sectors or smart human environments will be encouraged. The workshop will be hosted by the PETRA conference and will include oral and poster presentations and an expert panel to discuss the advances and challenges in computer vision for industry 4.0 and define a roadmap towards human-centric manufacturing through computer vision.


The overall goal is to give the initial impetus for creating a community of people working in the computer vision field and experts their findings in Industry 4.0 related applications.

To do so, the following actions are scheduled:

  • Invite papers for oral and poster presentations.
  • Organize a group and finally panel for discussing open problems and key topics for future research.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Machine and deep learning approaches for In4.0
  • Vision-based smart manufacturing
  • Computer vision for cyberphysical systems
  • Hybrid vision and IoT architectures
  • Digital Twinning technologies
  • Vision for autonomous robots in manufacturing and logistics
  • Quality inspection and assessment
  • Computer vision for zero defect / zero waste manufacturing
  • Action prediction and forecasting
  • Vision-based predictive maintenance
  • Augmented reality systems and Human-Machine Interaction

Workshop Organizers

Markus Vincze
TU Wien

Antonis Gasteratos
Democritus University of Thrace

Antonis Argyros
University of Crete and FORTH