Workshop Papers

Paper Submission:
       April 03, 2020 March 20, 2020
Submission Length: 3-10 pages (incl. refs)
Notification Date:
April 30, 2020
May 08, 2020

List of Workshops

  1. AGENT - MultimodAl SiGnal Sensing/Analysis, Innovative Interactive Environments and PersoNalized Behavioral Modeling for Improving QualiTy-of-Life

  2. AI4XR - Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Extended Reality (VR/AR)

  3. DAEM - Workshop on Designing Assistive Environments for Manufacturing

  4. DigiTAl - Workshop on Digital Health Systems for The Ageing Population

  5. HealthWear - Workshop on Wearable Systems and Applications for Smart Healthcare

  6. IoT-MAT - Internet-of-Things and Multimodal Assistive Technologies at Home: A Hands-on Workshop

  7. NOTION - Workshop on Human Behaviour Monitoring, Interpretation and Understanding

  8. OurProjects - Workshop on​ Disseminating Large Scale Research Projects Related to Human Life and Performance

  9. PerInt - Workshop on Pervasive Intelligence in Engineering

  10. RAI4Children - Workshop on Innovative Technological and Robot-Assisted Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum or other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

  11. RoboSense - Workshop on Robotic Sensing in Human-Robot Interaction

  12. Smart-Access - Workshop on Accessibility and the Smart City: Technological Challenges and Open Accessibility Issues