This page is to help PETRA’17 reviewers setup up their EasyChair accounts (the submission/review system) and choose the topics related to their expertise. The purpose of choosing related topics is to help the organzing committee match the reviewers with papers to review.

Section I : Create an EasyChair Account (skip to Section II if you have an EasyChair account)

  1. Go to ➚
  2. Click on “create an account” and follow the 2 steps provided by EasyChair. Please make sure to use the same email you used to communicate with the organizing committee. If you want to use another email, please send an email to to add your email to the EasyChair.
  3. You will reach an “Account Application Received” page, and you will receive an email with “EasyChair account confirmation” in the subject.
  4. Click on the link provided in the email, fill in the form and click on "Create my account".
  5. You will reach the following page. Click on “click here”.
  6. Click on “PC member” to login in as a reviewer.
  7. Go to step 3 in Section II.

Section II : Choose related topics on the EasyChair system:

  1. Go to ➚ and login
  2. Click on the “PC member” role next to “PETRA 17”. If you cannot see “PETRA 17” conference that means the email associated with your EasyChair is different from the email used to communicate with the organizing committee. Please contact to add this email to the system.
  3. Hover the mouse over the “PETRA 17” tab, and click on “My topics”.
  4. Please select the topics related to your expertise and click on “Save Selection”.